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Gift Card

If you want to give something special to a loved one or a business partner, which would leave a positive emotion for a long time to the recipient of the gift, you will find a suitable solution for every taste in the selection of services. All our flats and services can be presented as gifts.

Gift Bottle

  • We have made a unique gift bottle.
  • The contents of the bottle are nicely designed and rolled paper, the message of which is precisely the way we want to surprise the recipient.
  • Whether it is a water bicycle or a sauna barge, a cool sauna evening with friends, an event in some of our flats or in the entire Parveküla complex.


  • Gift bottle designs are different and you can choose the one you want.
  • If desired, we can make a gift card with the amount of money you have chosen, and the happy gift recipient can exchange it later with us for the service that suits you.
  • We can add personal congratulations to the text of the gift bottle and if necessary we can make special designs.

Contact us and we will make one memorable surprise!

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