Recreational and recreational activities

In addition to hiking tours, we offer a variety of leisure activities.

Adventure Games

Adventure games on the lawn, in the woods and on the river, such as bow yacht, discgolf, cast iron tower, adventure trails, etc. Teamwork games in the wild, indoors, on the water. For example: big jigsaw puzzle, slingshot contest, boxing, team tripstrapstrap, watery races, rope stand, GPS games, etc. Ask for more!


Usually it is thought that ingl.k snowshoe is related only to snow walking. Yes, it is very good to go snowing on the snow. Particularly exciting is snowshoe hiking in the spring or autumn bog. You can go to Räätsa where it is difficult to get to a dry foot or even a rubber boat. Swinging in the water is an integral part of the snowshoe. For snapping we use very comfortable and durable Morpho snails made in France. For smaller hikers, we have smaller snares. The duration of the snowshoe trip is 3 - 7 hours. By agreement at the end of the trip we make a fire and we offer a travel bag. We can bring a maximum of 50 people to a snowshoe at a time. The youngest participant in snowshoeing has been 6 years old and the oldest 85.

Bumblebee trips

Bog trips with the attendant or on their own in the bay of Jalas along the forest trail, along the boardwalk and around the lakeshore with the instruction of coping in the forest. Ask for more!

Trekking trips

Hiking landscapes, village roads, why not also forest roads and hard-skinned snow in the terrain and river rivers are well suited for hiking. Thanks to the wide snowmen, these sledges don't get so light in the snow. It is very fierce to hike along rivers, lakes, or ride on some of the seashells or waves when cold water is properly covered by water. We use the Kickspark Max athletics for the strollers. The length of the pusher is 3 - 7 hours. After a refreshing pushback, we make a campfire with tea and hiking bag. We can bring a maximum of 25 people to the thrust. The youngest participant of pushback trips has been 7 years old and the oldest 75.

Skydiving and flying

5 km away from Kuusiku Airport you can take parachute jumps (single jump, tandem jump) or enjoy a pleasure ride by plane (max. 10 people at a time) Ask for more!

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Visit to Kabala Villaveski Museum

Located 1.5 km away. In the mill, you can see how very old equipment makes wool yarn. The mill's equipment has been in existence since 1890 and is unique in the world.


It is possible to bang on the spot next to the raft houses in the forest or in the city battle 9 km away in Rapla. Hear 500 pcs.

Visit to the Parrot Center

Visit to the Parrot Center 17km away or order parrots for rafts.

We also offer

Visit to the toboggan park all year round 16 km away. Ask for more!

Glass blowing and glass museum visit to Järvakandi (20 km). Ask for more!

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