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Sauna Rafting


"Water is powerful, it carries large houses"

The sauna kit is the ideal tool for navigating the river, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking nature and the sauna.
The raft is driven by the engine.

  • Up to 25 people can sit at the sauna.
  • If the company should be bigger, we can combine the barbecue with the sauna basket. In this case, about 50 people can travel at once.
  • The route of the sauna hiking trail is the area between Kabala dam and Minnika dam - ca 8km.
  • Matkal is always accompanied by a raft boy who heats the sauna and manages the raft.
  • Canoes and water bicycles can be taken along with the sauna.
  • During the sauna trip you can go to the sauna, swim, grill, fish or just enjoy nature and a great company.
  • It is possible to order catering, as well as some musicians or performers.
  • The sauna parquet is made of plexiglass walls and doors, which, depending on the weather conditions, can be moved to the appropriate compartment if necessary.
  • The sauna parquet has lighting and awning, a shawl for changing clothes, tables, benches and barbecue with barbecue equipment.
  • For fishing lovers there is one fishing gear and echoes on the riverbed for relief and fish exploration.

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