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Parveküla is a unique place for holding events on the water. We help you plan and organise various events upon request.

We also offer white chair covers for festive events. You can order dinners, bands, DJs, moderators, belly dancers, horseshoes, etc. with us.


Why not organize a wedding ceremony in a special and scenic ferry?
Choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life. Whether your dream wedding is a small and intimate gathering or a grandiose celebration, you will definitely find a unique solution from our unique rafting houses and beautiful nature.

We help you choose the one that fits your vision and work closely with you to make the most important day in your life. Very beautiful and festive weddings are also in winter, spring and autumn. So consider all seasons for setting your wedding party on time.

We have many partners who can help you decorate the hall, be a party manager or offer musical service. Write or call, we will be of great help to you with advice and strength.

For wedding ceremonies we have also built a special Ceremony parade a bridal couple that makes your wedding party completely unique. In addition, there is also snow-white rowing boat to capture glamorous photos on the river and to the bride a unique swing sunset for capturing romantic pictures.

Training and seminars

Are you tired of ordinary meeting rooms and want to experience something different?
Take advantage of our unique floating balcony village to organize a memorable and useful training or seminar in the middle of Estonia's beautiful nature.
Enthusiastic ideas, open thoughts and constructive approaches are born here on the water, floating in floating houses away from the bustle of the city.

We are ready to help you choose the right solution for your training or seminar in ferry houses. All our flats have a data projector, flipchart, markers and wifi. We can place the table and chair according to your wishes and the number of participants in theater style, classroom style, U-shape or a long table. All ferry houses can also be connected as needed.

We also organize coffee and tea parties with snacks and rich lunches for training and seminars. In addition to productive training or seminars, we also offer active ground, water and air activities. 

Good thoughts on a training day or seminar will also help to bring together a nice sauna, unique The floating river water shines (hot tub) and a crisp river.

Team trips is a good way to make friends and relieve stress. That way, you can give the team the opportunity to get to know each other outside the office. During team building, employees become more motivated, aware of each other's strengths, weaknesses and interests, and help them work better together. Meetings away from the workplace increase productivity and encourage you to think innovatively and creatively. We organize a wide range of activities suitable for work events in nature. Additionally canoe- and for sauna walking trips, you can see all the services offered too additional activities page

Summer Days

Summer days floating in a swamp, well sound…?
That's what we offer, just one hour from Tallinn. Far enough away to get out of the city; but close enough not to spend too much time getting there. We provide you with the necessary activities on land, forest, bog, air and water.

We have enough room and facilities to put together the most suitable and memorable summer days for you. Our ferry houses can accommodate up to 50 people and party and training pair accommodates about 60 people.

In addition, there is an unrestricted opportunity to camp on a mowed lawn next to raft houses. We prepare activities according to the size, age, sportiness and desires of your company. offer rich catering based on your preference or the ability to prepare yourself a delicious grill for us with barbecue.

We will help you choose a band, evening manager, DJ or performers (belly dancers, parrots…) suitable for summer days, etc. In addition to all the above-mentioned active activities and catering, it is possible to organize tents, outdoor furniture and sound equipment for the event. We are very helpful and flexible in planning and implementing the event. By your idea, by us. It is a good idea to also organize summer days in the style of a summer night, which is connected to the balcony village and water, such as sailors, seafarers, pirates, sailors, etc.

Winter Days

Looking for a place in winter to do something exciting and interesting, outside the city and in the middle of nature
You are welcome! Our balcony village is also open in winter.  
We will help you arrange a cool winter day with a relaxing sauna and a party evening. Depending on the size of the company, you can choose a suitable raft house or house.

We also offer top-of-the-line activities when the river is ice-free. For winter events, we have added a lot of new and exciting things to our selection of activities (jogging trips, skating on the river, ski tours, snowshoeing in the bog, horse riding, fishing on ice, etc.). There are also some activities for the dark and the weather.

One decent and meaningful winter day could begin an adventurous team game or a hike, then comes the refreshing body fixation. A good craftsmanship workshop by the fireplace is also well suited to furnish a winter event, where you can collectively make personalized souvenirs from clay, glass, wood, paper or metal.
There is also the opportunity to visit the Järvakandi Glass House and the Glass Museum, where you can blow up a nice vase of melting glass, or breathe a bird, an animal or any other pleasant shape. We also work with a nearby sledge park where you can ride a sledge dog and take photos with wonderful puppies.

After an active adventure, you can warm yourself up in a hot wood-burning sauna or in a unique setting hot water repulsion (hot tub), and then steps can be set for dinner or for a dance night in a party and training park, which can last for early morning hours.


Want to keep your birthday different than usual? We are ready to help you. We offer you raft houses according to the size and budget of the company. In addition to the party rooms, we organize active activities and we also offer catering service according to your request.

It is possible to order a suitable band, evening party, DJs or performers (belly dancers, parrots…). It is possible to have birthdays with us regardless of age and weather, because we have thought of everything. For children, we offer birthday parties with characters such as Pipi, Clown, Pirate, Live Parrots, etc.

For active activities, we offer adventure games, paintball, hare, water bicycles, canoes etc. For those less interested in adventures, we offer the opportunity to visit the Villaveski Museum, which operates in Kabala, and is located about 1 km away from Parvalu.

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