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Small Raft House


"Water is powerful, it carries large houses"

A small raft house is a year-round floating house on the river.

  • Size: 162 m2
  • Capacity: 30 people
  • Beds: 20 beds
  • Kitchenette
  • 1 WC
  • Fireplace
  • Washing facilities with sauna parquet
  • Training equipment
  • Music Center
  • WiFi
  • The raft harbor has a unique opportunity to fish from inside the house, as the open-air hatches on the first floor of the raft are for fishing. It is very convenient to use this opportunity without leaving the house in front of a fireplace that is bouncing in winter.
  • The ferry house can be moved to a private area on a river where there are no other houses or people nearby.
  • When renting a small raft house, there is a free sauna kit (48 m2) and a lounger (25 m2) connected to the house where you can grill, sunbathe and a ladder for swimming.
  • In summer, there is a camping site, a campfire site and a playground next to a small raft house.

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